February 16, 2024

How You Can Appeal Our Actions

Every user can appeal actions taken against their account.  While we do our best to ensure that we’re only taking action when it’s warranted, we’re not perfect and mistakes might happen. We recognize appeals are an important part of the process.

Just as you deserve a chance to be heard when some action is taken against you offline, you should have such a chance to be heard when action is taken against your Discord account by us. The process reflects Discord's commitment to internationally recognized human rights set out in the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), privacy, and free expression.

If you think we took unwarranted action against your account, you can reach out to us so we can review your case. 

You may appeal the decision directly in the Discord app by going to User Settings > Privacy & Safety > selecting the violation you want to appeal > pressing on Let us know to begin submitting a review of your violation and account. For users in the EU, you may also choose an alternative resolution option when applicable.

What happens when we grant an appeal?

If our reviewers find that the violation was issued in error, we will remove it from your account and restore your account standing. Any actions that were the result of that violation will be removed. If there are other active violations on your account, you may still not regain full access to Discord. You can read more about violations in the Discord Warning System.

What if my appeal was denied?

If our reviewers find that the action taken was correct, we will send a message to let you know. The violation will remain on your account until it expires, if applicable. You can view any active or expired violations in Privacy & Safety Settings > Account Standing.

What if my appeal was deemed ineligible for review?

In some cases, we are unable to review certain appeals due to the nature of the violation or incomplete information provided. Even if we can’t review the appeal, your feedback helps us improve these systems over time.

User Safety

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