May 12, 2022

If your teen encounters an issue

Even though the majority of Discord usage is in small, private, invite-only groups, we understand that there may be times when people in these groups behave in ways that make others uncomfortable or post content that isn’t allowed. Our Community Guidelines outline how all users should act on Discord and what we allow and do not allow. We recommend reviewing these with your teen so that you both know what behavior is and isn’t okay on the platform. Among other things, we do not allow:

  • Bullying and harassment
  • Sharing content glorifying or promoting self-harm
  • Making violent threats against people
  • Evading Discord-imposed bans and blocks
  • Content that sexualizes or threatens minors

If your teen encounters a violation of our Community Guidelines, such as harassment or inappropriate content, please file a report with details that you can gather. Our Trust & Safety team strives to ensure bad users don't disrupt your teen’s experience on Discord. We also provide a number of tools to ensure that teens (and everyone else) have control over their Discord experience.

Parents and Teens
User Safety

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